enviro week

As humans we rely on plastic way too much and we need to face the fact however sad it is,if we don’t start cleaning up our mess our world will become a waste land with no wild life .It already is becoming one. We desperately need to design bio degradable shopping bags. Australia’s population is not large,but if every one who cares about our planet unites together to save our world just imagine what we can do.

100 word challenge

Gun fire, explosions all around me. I wake up in a cold sweat, must be a dream …..Boom! “whoa” I gotta see what’s happened . Grab a rifle and rush outside my tent. The first thing I see is fire, it is horrible engulfing everything it touches, smoke billowing out of tents that soon burst into flames. It must be a night raid I have to do something it will be pointless trying to to put out the fire I need to stop whatever is causing this and then I see it a blood red plane swoops through the thick smoke….

Persuasive text

I did a persuasive text for naplan practice , my Mum gave me the topic that super markets should sell more organic produce …so here  it is.

“Dad what’s going on” “sorry son but we  have  to shut the orchard down!  Too many people are buying apples from over seas and we can’t afford to keep the business going”.

This happens a lot in Australia and it’s not fair that the money the Australian farmers could be earning is going to somewhere over seas when we should support the local farmers.

Continuing on, local organic produce is more expensive for a reason,  it’s better for you. It’s not genetically modified and it is better quality they also charge more for it because they don’t use nasty pester-sides.

Also, it would be a lot fresher if it came from a farm a few hours away than if it came from China or America and the fresher the better it will taste.

To wrap it all up now you can see that paying a little bit more will support the Aussie farmers and get you fresher and  healthier fruit and veg.

I haven’t been at school this week here’s why

On Wednesday on the school holiday  I had a bad cold and my Mum was working so I had to go to my grandparents’  house . I had Asthma as well. I was supposed to have Ventalin every four  hours  but needed it more often and I was getting a high temperature . Mum picked me up and took me to the doctors in Torquay . They checked my oxygen levels and next thing I knew I was clipped to a stretcher with a mask on my face and tubes up my nose ,in an ambulance on my way to Geelong hospital and spewing into a bag! In Emergency they took X-rays and kept me on an oxygen monitor then I was wheeled into the children’s ward . I had “McDonalds” for dinner as I watched Batman. I hardly slept as they checked me every hour all night  and all morning the next day. I went home in the afternoon diagnosed with viral pneumonia . here I am at my Grandparents’ house again and still sick!